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  1. Hi Ed

    Thanks for the info, I am looking at Server 2012 and Win 8 certification among others and any advice I can grab is extremely helpful.

    Great blog btw.

    I saw your profile on MVA and that led me here, great Score on MVA, I am aiming for top 10! 48th position at moment 🙂

    • Ricky,

      Thanks for the positive comments.

      Assuming you are not in the market for a paying training course for these products, the best bet is to dig deep into several areas

      1. MVA – incredible resource
      2. Born to Learn Website http://borntolearn.mslearn.net
      3. There are now several good books out there – read some reviews and take a shot at them (not forgetting all the MS free ebooks around too)

      BUT there is nothing like building a lab and getting your hands dirty using the kit. That’s how I learn.
      Finally if you can afford it, take a course and then get certified!


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